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Michele Allen is a photographic artist and researcher based in North East England. Her artistic and academic work is broadly concerned with sense of place, and is created in response to specific locations incorporating photography, video and oral history. Her practice often involves some degree of collaboration with communities in its production, and she has exhibited work as site-specific installations and more conventional gallery exhibitions.

She is interested in revealing hidden histories, or unfamiliar views of places and is fascinated by the variety of different perspectives that can exist in connection to any given place or situation. She regularly presents papers about her work at conferences across the UK and has exhibited nationally. She has a PhD by photographic practice and her work has been supported by the AHRC and Arts Council England, works from her recent projects Public and Private and For the Elevation of Man have been accuired for permenant collections at Durham Castle and Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art.

In addition to her academic and artistic work, she has a longstanding community arts practice. She has recently worked on numerous heritage lottery projects, including organising walks and arts activities in connection to archives and collections.

Image: Film still Peaceful Stream, Quiet Hill (2008).

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