Cow Path (google earth sketch)
Town Moor
Parakeet (film still)
Nunsmoor Pastoral
Track and Trace

FIELD Photographer in Residence (Work in progress since Oct 2020)

Cowchat Times


Thurs 4th and 18th Feb


Drop in, all welcome

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Since October 2020 I have been photographer in residence on FIELD an interdisciplinary research project which explores human relationships to animals in the context of endemic disease, funded by the Wellcome Trust. My work focuses on two areas of ancient common pasture land, the Town Moor in Newcastle and Beverley Westwood. I'm thinking about how people relate to farm animals in these 'everyday' settings and ways of using these spaces to hold a wider discussion about our relationships to farming and animal welfare. 

I have been talking to people who use the moor and also farmers who manage the cattle which is grazed on this land, working towards a series of images, texts and videos which will be shared later this year. This page includes a small selection of images from this work in progress. 

For more information on the FIELD research project please follow this link

In February I am running an online zoom session Cowchat for anyone to join and share their stories about cows on the moor, or more general cow experiences. For more information email

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